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If you are a low-income Minnesotan, our lawyers can help you with your legal questions.

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People 14 years old or more


MN Residents


People with a low household income

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When you ask a question on our site, it is private. Your question is only seen by the volunteer lawyers. You are the only one who sees the advice you get from the lawyer. This way you can be totally honest and know that the highest standards of privacy apply to your conversation with the lawyer.

Qualified Lawyers

The advice on this site is provided personally to you by volunteer lawyers who are committed to helping low-income people. We verify that all the lawyers giving advice on this site are licensed to practice law in Minnesota. The lawyers here volunteer to answer questions for free because they believe it is important that everyone is able to get legal advice, whether or not they can afford to pay.


We are here to provide free advice because we are committed to the rights of all Minnesotans. We are part of the Minnesota Legal Services Coalition, which provides free legal help on civil legal issues. If you qualify to use this site, all the advice and information you receive is free.