Client Agreement

If you use this site, it means you understand and agree to these things:

Advice only

The lawyer who helps you is helping you for free. You are not hiring the lawyer who answers your question. The lawyer only helps you with the question you typed into the website. The lawyer will not help you after that or do anything else for you. The lawyer does not write letters, make calls, or file papers for you. The lawyer will not go to meetings or court for you. 

Minnesota legal advice

The lawyer has a Minnesota law license. The lawyer only tells you what the law is in Minnesota. Laws may be different in other states. 


Lawyers can only help one side in a case. For example, a lawyer can help either the renter or the landlord in their case. The lawyer can’t help both with the same case. 

On this website, you are asked to give the lawyer the name of the other person or company in the case. This is so the lawyer can check and make sure they are not helping the other person or company. If you do not give them the other name, the lawyer could be helping the other person in your case and not know.  Or the lawyer’s company could be helping the other person in your case. 

If the lawyer finds out they are helping both sides on the same case, they can’t answer your question. They must give your question to another lawyer who isn’t already working on the case. If they are helping the other person in your case and they answer your question, they are not breaking the law because they didn’t know it was the same case. 

If you use this website, it means you won’t blame the lawyer for not knowing it was the same case.


The lawyer is required to keep everything you share in your question and response private. They cannot share it with anyone else unless you give them permission. You should keep it private, too. 

For more information about the privacy of your information on this site, see our privacy policy. 

Not have a lawyer

To use this website, you cannot already have a lawyer helping you with this problem. If you already have a lawyer, you should ask them. They will be able to give you better advice because they understand more about your situation. 

Be Honest

The lawyer can only give you good advice if you tell the truth about your legal problem. This includes using your full name, and including the full name of the person or company your problem is with. If you do not share truthfully, the advice the lawyer gives you might be wrong, because it will not be based on what is really happening in your case. 


You can only use this site if you accept and agree to all these conditions.