Other Legal Resources

Other Legal Help

Here are some other places you can find help with your legal problem.

Free or low-cost legal resources

Minnesota Attorney General


Free downloadable forms from US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS)

"How do I" guides from USCIS

Check on case status with USCIS

Case and hearing information for Immigration Court or phone 1-800-898-7180

Do you qualify to stay in the United States? Visit Immi to understand your options. 

Domestic Violence & Crime Victim Resources

Other Referrals

United Way 2-1-1 can help with social service referrals like shelter, food, health and other needs. 


Where can I get help if ...

I already have a lawyer

We cannot give you advice if you already have a lawyer working on your case. You should call your lawyer for advice or information about your case.

If you have a problem with your lawyer and you think they are not doing what they are supposed to do, you can contact the Minnesota Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board. They take complaints about lawyers who violate the rules of ethics.

The Minnesota Attorney General's office also has information about hiring a lawyer, fee agreements and problems.

I am not in Minnesota

This site is for people who live in Minnesota, or who have a legal case in Minnesota. The lawyers on this site are only licensed to give advice about Minnesota law. You can visit the Free Legal Answers site to find a website like this one for your state.

My income is too high

Free legal services can only help people whose income is below certain levels. If you make too much money to ask your question here, you may qualify for a few other free clinics. Some of these have income limits, but not all.

The Minnesota State Bar Association has a "find a lawyer" option on their website. You can select the type of case you have and search by the county or city where the lawyer is. It will give you a list of lawyers who meet those criteria.

I'm facing criminal charges

Our site does not give advice about criminal charges or cases. People with criminal cases who cannot afford a lawyer are usually appointed a public defender. The Minnesota Board of Public Defense has more information how to apply for a public defender and appeals of criminal cases.

If you cannot get a public defender, you can either speak for yourself in court or hire a criminal defense attorney.

I've been the victim of a crime

If you are concerned about your safety or have been the victim of a crime, you should contact the police to report the crime or threat. This site can answer questions about restraining orders, harassment orders, or immigration cases based on crime victim status.

I have a probation issue

Our site cannot give you advice about probation violations or problems, as those are connected to a criminal conviction or plea.

How do I find a pro bono lawyer?

Pro bono means a lawyer is taking on a case for free. The majority of pro bono lawyers in Minnesota work through established free legal programs like the Volunteer Lawyers Network or through pro bono programs run by legal services offices. Generally, you must have your case screened by a free legal services agency who will determine that your case is the right type of case for a pro bono lawyer and that your income is below a certain level. The agencies help train and support the pro bono lawyers to make sure clients get the best possible help.

Although some lawyers may independently decide to accept a client who calls them on a pro bono basis, this is much less common. To find programs that provide pro bono legal services, visit our partner site, LawHelpMN.org.