Privacy Policy

What Information We Collect

Everything that you enter on the website is securely stored. The information you enter can be seen by the site administrator (who is an employee of Legal Services State Support) and the volunteer lawyers who are registered to give advice on the site. Your question, the information about you, and the answer is not visible to any other users of the site. 
The site keeps and stores all the information you enter, including your name, the name of the opposing party, the name of the attorney who responded to your question, your question and the response. This information is kept securely and is not shared with anyone outside the site. 
For lawyers, the site stores all the information you enter, hours (as recorded by you), questions answered, and the information from those questions. This information is only viewable by the site administrator and the lawyer. 
If you email our administrator for help, we will keep a record of our messages with you to make sure the problem is resolved.

What We Do With The Information We Collect

We will not sell or share your information with anyone else. We will only share the information on this site if a judge says we have to. 

This site does use some of your information to help make the website better and to explain to the funders how this website is helping Minnesotans access free legal help. This is the information the site uses anonymously and in the aggregate:

  • Category of question posted (housing, family law, debt, immigration, etc.)
  • County where the user resides
  • Age of client users (under 18, 18 – 59, over 60)
  • Navigational clicks in the website
  • Whether a lawyer answered the client question
  • Whether the client read the answer from the lawyer
  • How you found our web site (from a Google search, from or from another organization)
When we use information this way, we do not identify you. It is only used to show, for example, “45% of clients using the site have a family law question” or “20% of users of this site live in Saint Louis County.” 


While we are taking all the necessary steps to make sure our site and your information is secure, we can't promise no one will break into the website and see your information. Make sure you keep your username and password secure.